Does GTBank Have WhatsApp Number

Does GTBank Have WhatsApp Number, Yes, Find It Below

Does GTBank have a WhatsApp number? If you have opened this guide, it means that you are also seeking the answers to this question.

Read through this short guide to get all the answers you need.

GTBank is passionate about driving constant interaction with their customers to learn more about how they can serve their customers better and provide them with financial solutions that add value to their lives.

Does GTBank Have WhatsApp Number

Yes, GTBank has a WhatsApp number that enables customers to chat with the bank on their mobile phones and request essential banking services using the advised prompts.

The bank has added customers in Nigeria as an additional channel to connect for inquiries, service requests, and access to other essential banking services.

This answers the question of if GTBank has a WhatsApp contact in Nigeria.

What Is The GTBank WhatsApp Number

The GTBank WhatsApp number is 09060001601 or 07016974994.

This number is available to chat on every WhatsApp, provided you have an internet connection.

You get instant replies when you send a message through the number.

Don’t send an SMS or call these numbers as they are purely for WhatsApp.

This is the WhatsApp number in Nigeria.

How To Use The GTBank WhatsApp Number

Follow the steps below to use GTBank WhatsApp in Nigeria:

  1. First, download and install the WhatsApp mobile app if you don’t have one
  2. Next, save the GTBank WhatsApp mobile contact as GTBank
  3. Next, open your WhatsApp and open chats with GTBank
  4. After that, request any banking service using the advised prompts
  5. You will receive a message instantly replying to your service requests

This is how to use the GTBank WhatsApp contact in Nigeria.

When Is The Service Available

GTBank WhatsApp banking is only available between 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

If you text past 5 pm on weekdays, the message will be replied to the next day from 8 am.

If you text the bank during the weekend, you will have to wait till Monday to get a reply.

This is all you need to know about GTBank’s WhatsApp number in Nigeria.

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