Does Amazon ship to Australia

Does Amazon ship to Australia, Yes, Amazon Deliver To Australia

Does Amazon ship to Australia? It is a common question Australian Amazon shoppers ask, and here we have the answer.

Amazon is a US-based online retailer that began selling books in 1994. It has grown dramatically over the years, currently offering a global audience everything from its own branded tablets to washing powder to garden tools and pretty much anything in between.

Australians have long been able to shop on, but all the time, the Australian shoppers keep asking if Amazon ships to Australia and here we have the answer.

Does Amazon ship to Australia?

Yes, Amazon ships to Australia, but there are some restrictions on what kinds of Amazon items can be shipped to Australia. Additionally, not everything is obvious or easily available to customers from Australia.

Ship directly from Amazon to


You can ship directly from Amazon in the United States to Australia. This is accomplished using Amazon’s International Shipping service.

You will be able to ship things straight from Amazon US to your Australia address with Amazon International Shipping.

You will directly pay for shipping and any import tariffs imposed under this scheme. This eliminates the added step of paying duties when your purchase arrives, which is inconvenient.

Electronic devices are an exception, as you’ll need to apply for SIRIM permission and pay your fees.

Through shipping forwarding company

Freight forwarding companies provide free virtual shipping addresses to foreign customers (usually your suite number at the company’s facility). This allows you to make Amazon purchases as if you were a resident of any United States state. In most circumstances, you can find your suite number at the company’s distribution center.

You can get your things delivered to your home because all of the merchants on the Amazon platform in the United States are happy to ship almost anything located in the United States.

After some time, you will be able to combine all of your shipments into a single huge box and have it delivered to your Nigerian address.

Customers who know how to ship from Amazon to Nigeria via freight forwarding services receive cheaper total shipping prices for all of their Amazon purchases when compared to customers who ship their Amazon items via FedEx or other mail carriers.

You can use Aramex, Hont Global Services, or any company that gives you a virtual address in the United States and allows you to make purchases anywhere without any problems.

When you hire a forwarding company to ship your things from the United States to Lagos (Nigeria), the price per pound of your shipment in the United States can range from four to five dollars.

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