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CRB Kenya’s Contact , Call CRB The Easy Way

Have you tried to get your name from the CRB listing but failed? Then you need to know CRB Kenya’s contact. You will need to call CRB customer care for assistance and get your name cleared. 

If CRB lists you as among people who are loan defaulters, you need to do something and get your name from their listing. A financial institution could not render you a loan if you got your name on the CRB listing.

CRB is mandated to evaluate everyone’s creditworthiness after collecting data from different sources and ranking you based on the information they collect. Additionally, they are charged with the task of listing all those who default on a loan. With CRB Kenya contacts, it gets easier for you to inquire about your current credit score anytime.

CRB is an abbreviation of credit reference bureau, and it is the body that uses your personal; information like borrowing and paying habits and determines your credit score. It is CRB-generated information that the banks use to determine the amount of loan you qualify for. Before applying for a loan, you can get to know your credit score if you have CRB Kenya contacts to communicate with CRB customer care.

Various ways you can contact CRB Kenya customer care

Here we have listed various ways you can contact CRB Kenya customer care either for inquiry or assistance. More so, we have listed three bodies you can contact, and it’s upon you to choose which is your preferred body.

CRB Kenya Contact Numbers

You can get in touch with CRB Kenya customer care of different bodies via the following contact details;

1. Metropol CRB Kenya contacts Tel: 0709 834000

2. Creditinfo CRB contacts in Kenya Tel: +254203757272

3. CRB Africa Kenya contacts/ TransUnion CRB Kenya contacts Tele+254 020 3751799 or +25730651000 Fax: +254 – 020 – 3751344.

CRB Kenya Location address

Also, you can visit any of the following CRB head offices for inquiry or assistance;

1. Metropol CRB Kenya head office situated in Shelter Afrique Centre Ist Floor Wing A Longonot Road, Upperhill Nairobi Kenya

2. Creditinfo CRB Kenya situated in Park Suites Second Floor Office 12 Parklands Road, Nairobi Kenya

3. CRB Africa/ TransUnion Kenya situated in Delta Corner Annex 2nd Floor Ring Road Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

CRB Kenya Email address

You can write an email to the respective CRB body customer care via;

1. Creditinfo CRB Email:

2. Metropol CRB Kenya Email:

3. CRB Africa/ TransUnion Kenya Email: or

CRB Kenya Working hours

All the three bodies have their offices open weekdays from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

CRB Kenya Social media accounts

You can follow these CRB Kenya bodies through their social media channels Creditinfo CRB contacts: Facebook: creditinfokenya.

Twitter: creditinfokenya, Metropol CRB contacts: Facebook: MetropolCorporationLTD 

Twitter: MetropolCRB 

Transunion CRB contact Facebook: TransunionKenya 

Twitter: TransUnion.

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