How To Calculate MPESA Commission

How To Calculate Mpesa Commission, 2023, M-Pesa Rates & Charges

Do you know how to calculate Mpesa commission? By the way, what are the current M-Pesa rates and charges for this year 2021?

You might be interested in starting an M-Pesa business.

Just like any other business, you expect it to be great and profitable.

Then you must know how to calculate the Mpesa commission.

If you don`t know how to calculate the commission, then worry not. This is why we have this M-Pesa Guide, follow keenly.

Since the opening of Mpesa in 2007, Mpesa has been the leading mobile money transfer service in Kenya.

If your Mpesa business is strategically positioned, you should make a lot of profit, hence the need to know how the Safaricom Mpesa commission is calculated and the amount you will receive monthly.

How to calculate the Mpesa Commission In Kenya

As a Mpesa agent, you are required to transact money between the consumer and the Safaricom company or the Mpesa services.

There are two transactions involved (Deposits and Withdrawals) and are the primary set-up of the Mpesa services, and they greatly influence your commission.

Mpesa withdrawal

This is when the M-Pesa customer withdraws money from their personal Mpesa account, and the money is sent to your Mpesa agent line.

This increases the Mpesa afloat as your liquid cash as an agent decreases.

Mpesa deposits In Kenya

This happens when the customer has liquid cash and wishes to transform it into electronic money by depositing it into their Mpesa account.

Whenever a customer makes any of these two transactions, you will earn a commission as a Mpesa agent, knowing how this commission is calculated.

Even though the deposits are free, you are paid for carrying out the service as an agent.

When a customer makes withdrawals, there are charges applied depending on the amount involved.

The amount you are charged during M-Pesa withdrawal is shared between the Safaricom principal-agent and the sub-agent.

Hence knowing how to calculate the commission.

Safaricom Mpesa commission rates and charges 2021

In the new Mpesa commission rates, the minimum amount an agent can earn is Ksh 4.00 after making a transaction between Ksh 50 – Ksh 100.

The highest transaction earned is Ksh 190.00, and this ranges between the amounts Ksh 60,021-70,000

Once you have known the current Mpesa commissions for the year 2021, you can be confident of the amount Safaricom will charge you when you transfer and withdraw money.

You are also aware of how to calculate the Mpesa commission.

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