Buy KPLC Tokens With Airtime

Buy KPLC Tokens With Airtime, Easy Way To Buy KPLC Token

If you’re searching if you can buy KPLC tokens with airtime, then read this article to find out. You cannot buy a KPLC tokens with airtime directly. However, if you are a Safaricom subscriber, you can top up your mobile phone with airtime and earn Bonga points which you can then use to buy a KPLC token.

Here I’ll explain to you what Bonga points you earn after tipping up the Safaricom sim card. On every KES 10, you get to earn one Bonga point after accumulating a good amount, which they can use to buy KPLC tokens.

Bonga is a loyalty program introduced by Safaricom in 2007 that allows consumers to earn points for using its network’s services. Safaricom witnessed over 1 billion Bonga Points redeemed for food and home supplies through a recent project called ‘Bonga for Good.’

Kenya Power and Safaricom announced a partnership on July 24, 2020, allowing users to pay for electricity using Bonga Points. Kenya Power’s residential customers can now use their Bonga Points to buy tokens or pay their bills at the cost of 20 cents per Bonga Point, thanks to the agreement.

The collaboration provides clients with an alternate wallet from which to pay for power, easing the burden on households suffering from lower incomes as a result of the economic repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, it gives customers yet another cash-free option for paying for power.

How to Pay for Power Bills or Tokens Using Bonga Points

Before buying a token with Bonga points earned from airtime, you need to check to see if you have enough points. You can check the balance by dialing *126# and select check balance.

To know how many points you will need to pay their bill, dial *126#, then select ‘Lipa Na Bonga’ and then ‘Bonga Calculator.’ The consumer will be asked to enter the amount they wish to pay and receive a response indicating the number of points required to settle the bill.

After confirming you have enough Bonga points, here are steps to proceed and buy tokens

  •         Dial *126#
  •         select “Lipa na Bonga Points”
  •         Select Pay Bill
  •         Enter KPLC’s Business number (888888 for postpaid or 888880 for prepaid/tokens)
  •         Enter account number or meter number
  •         Enter the amount you want to pay(1 Bonga point equals 20 cents)
  •         Confirm entered details, then enter your unique service PIN

For more information, visit:–kenya-power-safaricom-partnership-for-bonga-points

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